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Aug 25, 2013 10:00pm PDT
not be attorney general and barrack obama wouldn't be president of the united states of america. >> reporter: there are more on the streets and in jails. >> we are dealing with crime and punishment and race in society. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: 50 years after that speech and on the other side of the country still struggled today. >> we still self segregate. it is a city of san francisco problem. >>> tomorrow a soldier is awarded the highest honor. staff sergeant ty carter will be at a white house ceremony. he is from antioch. he was in a battle 4 years ago. he doesn't like to take credit, but he will bring attention to post traumatic stress disorder. >>> new zealand has reason to celebrate. they sailed past competitors. they are sailing for the america's cup. kpix5, they are up against stiff competition. >> reporter: an air show and fireworks, but it is just part of the team racing against oracle. new zealand whisked out of the fog against italy. >> we want to bring home the cup. >> reporter: the summer saw and andrew simpson killed and a rudder change. it was tossed out by a sailing j
Aug 7, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. >> that's not what the competitive laws say or the antitrust laws say for any other business in america. baseball shouldn't be treated differently. >> reporter: so this 14-acre lot in midtown san jose where the stadium would go has pretty much been unchanged the last four years. both sides will be in federal court october 4th. everywhere.. as nearly half ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >>> long lines at lottery outlets everywhere as half a billion dollars signs danced in people's heads. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ million *before taxes. odds of winning -- 1 in 175 million. winners have been reported minnesota and new jersey. shark week hits close to hon the bay area. where this little guy was a word of warning if you use google chrome: your passwords may not be as protected as you think. it's one of the hottest car companies around.. and it's based right here. how strong revenue growth.. and inspired investors.. are drg up tesla's stock price. a bit of excitement in the >>> investors are driving up tesla's stock price. >> thunderstorms are possible from mendocino northward. why thi
Aug 12, 2013 10:00pm PDT
with larry ellison tomorrow on cbs this morning on kpix5 starting at 7:00 a.m. >>> the america's cup international jury is investigating ellison's or call team u.s.a. for illegal modifications to its boats during america's cup exhibition races. oracle has withdrawn from the event and ordered to return the trophies it won. the team's ceo admitted that some team members made modifications to three ac45 boats. they did them without the knowledge of skippers or management. it came to light during an internal investigation. >> a northern california man is embarrassed and sorry for flinging fruit on the field near the end of yesterday's giants game. 42-year-old, alexander tells the mercury news he grabbed a banana from a catering cart and threw it out of disgust for the giants losing. it ended up near baltimore, orioles center fielder, adam jones who just hit this three- run homer minutes earlier. it became a big deal because jones tweeted he believed the act was racially motivated. >>> jones said quote, i want to thank whatever blank threw that banana toward my direction in center field
Aug 13, 2013 10:00pm PDT
a message for critics who think the america's cup has become too dangerous. this is what he says in an exclusive interview with charlie rose of cbs this morning. >> we have to have fast modern boats. it has to be a popular tv sport. it has to be attractive to kids. it has to be risky. it has to be a little -- look a bit risky. >> you can see much more of charlie rose's interview tomorrow on cbs this morning. hear what ellison says about people who changed the sport of sailing for the worse. cbs this morning starts at 7:00 a.m. on kpix5. >> the feds are stepping in and blocking a planned $11 billion merger that would create the world's largest airline. the justice department is taking american airlines and u.s. airways to court. government says the deal woul lead to increases in ticket prices and fees for travelers. the proposed merger would give the new company nearly 70% of takeoff, landing slots. squeezing out the low cost airlines. >> crews are fixing eight emergency sirens along with san mateo coast. the sirens are designed to warn people in the event of a tsunami. only t
Aug 17, 2013 10:00pm PDT
tomorrow. competing for the right to take on oracle team usa in the america's cup finals next month. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the sights and sounds of middle ajs filled san francisco's golden gate park today. it was the annual celebration ochl archery known as debalkly along with an archery tournament. there was also a competition where participants read original poetry or sang songs. >>> scientists want to know why honey bees are dying off and some are trying to prevent it. kpix 5 shows us how one woman is making her honey bees count. >> i bet if i asked you how many bees per hour your backyard has, you might not know. >> spebt her day at a managed flower bed in black east pasture counting as many behse as she could. after that, loading the numbers into a data base through her smart phone. >> we're losing more honey bees than we used to. about 30% are getting lost each year rather than the historic 15% background loss. >> six years running. an international endeavour, received counts from the nether lands and brazil. >> that is great spot because this is a hard time of year in california for behse
Aug 1, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. but putin warned snowden he must stop leaking america's secrets and snowden's father went on russian television and reminded his son to stop talking. >> he needs to respect president putin's requests. i believe my son's work is done with this in terms of, he has made a tremendous sacrifice to let the american people, what has been done to them and in their name. >> it's not clear where snowden goes next, since he can't legally travel outside of russia. they have all offered him asylum, but for now, it seems highly unlikely. cbs news, washington. >>> a vague, but very serious warning from the u.s. state department tonight. cbs reporter, tara, shows us why u.s. embassies and consulates in muslim countries are being shut down this weekend. >> the state department is warning of a possible security concern. and closing u.s. embassies in the muslim world this sunday. >> the department, when conditions warrant, take steps to ball loons our continued operations with security and safety. >> the state department wouldn't specify if the concern is related to terrorism. but, cbs news learne
Aug 2, 2013 10:00pm PDT
process is expected to take several months. >>> a potential attack against america and its interest is being called a very serious threat. it is so serious in fact, the state department put a global travel alert into effect. 21 diplomatic posts in northern africa and middle east will be closed on sunday. americans in the area are being warned to get out. >>> the government isn't saying much, only that the threat is coming from al-qaeda. cbs national security reporter, david martin, on why the government is taking this so seriously. >> the threat comes from yemen where the group known as al- qaeda in the arabian peninsula has emerged as the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. intelligence does not reveal where an attack might occur. analysts believe yemen is the most likely place, but warn it could be anywhere in the ark of mostly muslim countries, stretching from north africa to south asia. the threat goes beyond u.s. installations to include those of other western countries. britain will close its embassy in yemen and urged citizens to leave the country. there's no
Aug 8, 2013 10:00pm PDT
in america. believe it or not, 36% of those who drink alcohol say beer is their beverage of choice. but it's down from 47% in 1992. no polls show that hard liquor is now just as popular as beer followed by wine. why the change? well, spirits like te quila, bourbon, vodka have become more popular. 20 years ago, it was all about the beer. >>> hundreds of people are forced out of their homes tonight as firefighters in southern california try to get two wildfires under control. >> what do you get when you cross green grapes with cotton candy? nal plan... but about half a min >> sikhs and muslims are being told they can't ride these do-carts in livermore because their headwear is a safety hazard. >> many of us back to the 80s for the first time in a while. we're not done with the warmup yet! find out how high the temperatures are going to go next. ,,,, ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk.
Aug 21, 2013 10:00pm PDT
's curtains for the lusty lady. the first stripper-owned strip joint in america, and the first where the workers have belonged to a union. they have always been about self-empowerment. >> we learned a lot while we were here. i'm a board member. and i started as a first-time stripper. >> reporter: now they're being forced to leave. the one of a kind landmark has had trouble competing with internet porn and rising costs. it's the same building owner who battled against the owners of top gun, another north beach landmark. the same guy who owns all of the strip joints in north beach. all of them! >> we are the only one, and now it's over. >> reporter: the shop's owner says they will have a big union meeting tomorrow to talk about benefits, to see if their pensions for the workers. she's also planning a big goodbye celebration for september 1st. >> when the last song plays, and the walk-off, and we turn off that light switch -- it's sad. >> i'm going to do this with style and grace, let's say. i think we're going to just hold our heads high, be dignified, and say thank you, san francisco.
Aug 24, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. >>> new zealand with a sale? have to wait one more day to secure a spot in the america's cup match against defending champion, oracle team u.s.a. 54 miles per hour, but high winds forced officials to cancel a second race. the speed propelled them and gave them a sixth win in the best of 13 series. a few races are scheduled for tomorrow. >>> and 50 years ago this week, tens and thousands of people witnessed martin luther king, jr.'s, famous, i have a dream speech in washington. >> more people there than i have ever seen in one place in my entire life. >> hear from a bay area woman who attended that historic march and how she and others are commemorating king's legacy. >> vendors supplying your produce, fighting for space. no more. the new plan to bring them all under one roof. >> it is back. a chance a authority back in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the location as the news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, washington today, to commeme >>> tens of thousands of people packed the national mall in washington today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic march on was
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10